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Radio Merseyside cuts protest

November 23, 2011

Last Friday, the Greenbank candidate for 2012 James Roberts, joined a delegation of 25 to the new BBC HQ in Salford to talk to Director-General Mark Thompson about plans to cut BBC Radio Merseyside.

James said:

Radio Merseyside is a vital link with the local community. For many people in Merseyside, and particularly those who can have mobility issues such as the disabled or elderly, it is the only contact they have day-in day-out with fellow locals on the phone-in shows.

The proposal to scrap many evening and weekend shows would have a detrimental effect on the ability of local community groups to advertise events such as the successful community clean-up which recently took place in the ‘Dales’.

I was happy to support Kathy Keig in her campaign to save our local radio services. The trip to Salford took place early in the morning to catch the Board of Trustees at their meeting, but it was worth it for the chance we got to speak for an hour to Mark Thomson, Director-General of the BBC, about his plans to cushion local radio from the Tory-led government’s cuts.

You can read more on the story here and here.

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