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Smithdown Sparkles

November 22, 2011

Cllrs Laura Robertson-Collins & Abdul Qadir and residentsA week-long programme of activities by volunteers is putting some sparkle into the Smithdown area of Liverpool.

Dubbed “Smithtober Fest”,the programme includes craft activities and football taster sessions for young people and a whole range of work to make the area cleaner and brighter including litter picking , re-painting of litter bins, weeding of frontages and filling of planters.

There will also be a clean-up of Toxteth cemetery, including clearing away overgrown areas and painting railings.

A survey of empty properties along Smithdown Road is also being carried out.

And there will be a major “bin awareness” drive to help locate bins which have gone missing and to prevent bins from going astray.

Recent figures showed the council pays out about £500,000 a year in replacing lost wheeled bins with there being particular problems in areas with a high student population, including Smithdown.

During the week, households will be encouraged to stencil addresses on bins to make it easier to identify where they belong should they be misplaced.

“This is a programme which will involve a number of agencies and the local community and it is encouraging that there are volunteers who want to make their neighbourhood brighter and cleaner. “ said Councillor Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods.

“It will also address some of the issues in the area especially the problem with missing bins which are a drain on our resources.

Indeed in response to comments in the Echo, Tim Moore Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change commented:

Bernie Hunt (Echo, 24 October|) is being extremely unfair in his comments about the council and bins in student areas.
Far from just relying on the “occasional mail shot” to get the message over about when bins should be left out we have had an extensive programme of activity with students. We work closely with the students union and Liverpool Student Homes to promote the message, attending fresher’s fairs for example. During the current Smithtober programme we are undertaking a programme of stenciling bins with addresses so they can easily be located if they go astray. And we have leafleted the area telling householders t he importance of leaving their bins out and taking them back in.
Moreover. my colleague, Councillor Laura-Robertson-Collins , has spent a good part of her week-ends knocking on doors in the Greenbank ward – where there is a high student population- to make the householders of what is required when they are disposing of their rubbish.
We have, despite claims put signs up on some alleygates, although this has not yet extended to all areas.
Of course, the problem of missing bins is not confined to just students and we are also making efforts to tell the wider public about the problems that missing bins can cause.

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